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Panolin AG have been marketing high performance biodegradable oils since 1985 and have developed an excellent world wide reputation for solving problems with their range of Environmentally Considerate Lubricants.

As well as the ecological and environmental benefits of biodegradability, PANOLIN ECL’s are approved by over 150 original equipment manufacturers.

Rail, Offshore, Civil Engineering, Marine, Ports and Dredging are among the many different markets to benefit from a reduction to their environmental impact confident in the knowledge that they are in partnership with a renowned market leader.

d Lubricants for Hydropower Installations  PDF 2.9mb

Products and Services


Environmentally Considerate Lubricants (ECLs)

Panolin HLP SYNTH is the world's leading high-performance hydraulic fluid. With over 25 years in the market, PANOLIN is your first choice for biodegradable hydraulic fluids. Please CLICK for more information.


Big big big ...

Liebherr P 995 with PANOLIN HLP SYNTH. 
PANOLIN HLP SYNTH lasts very long - up to life time fill of a machine! So the benefits are not only to have an Environmentally Considerate Lubricant but to safe money by avoiding oildrain.


For everyday use

PANOLIN HLP SYNTH has proven itself for years in this CAT 235 between rocks and dust.


And it goes round and round and round …

The Millennium landmark "London Eye" goes round with PANOLIN HLP SYNTH since 2000 (Main pumps run continuously – 24 hours a day).


Has been running for a small eternity

PANOLIN HLP SYNTH also gained high respect in industry.

Lubricants for offshore and Marine use 


/products1/atlantis15_smallATLANTIS 15

OSPAR compliant production control fluid, registered for offshore use.
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/products1/ATLANTIS22ATLANTIS 22

OSPAR compliant hydraulic fluid, registered for offhore use. 
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/products1/atlantis32ATLANTIS 32

OSPAR compliant hydraulic fluid, registered for offshore use.
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OFFSHORE Windfarm case studies

fGlobal Marine Systems Ltd, cable laying, Herne Bay

dMayflower Energy, cable laying, ???????


Automotive lubricants


Long life oil for gearboxes, powershift transmissions and hydrodynamic brakes


Fully synthetc, high pressure GL5 high performance long life gear oil.


Fully synthetic long life SHPD 10W/40 and 5W/30 engine oils


Synthetic multi-purpose NGLI No. 2 lithium / calcium grease