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Fact sheets

Company Profile

We have been providing land drainage services to the local farming community, the Middle Level Commissions and the Internal Drainage Boards for some 37 years and have become well known for the high standards and quality of our work. This has included carrying out various projects for Natural England and the R.S.P.B., as well as many wildlife trusts, local councils, landscape architects and property developers.

We are based in Fridaybridge, near Wisbech, where we have workshop facilities for fabrication and for the maintenance of our extensive fleet of specialist equipment.



The Fen Ditching Company is also proud to have held the Royal Warrant for Land Drainage on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II on the Sandringham Estate for over 20 years, which we believe is a clear recognition of our high standards.





Products and Services

Land Drainage Services

Services which are offered by the Fen Ditching Company include:

  • Land drainage
  • Watercourse maintenance
  • Culvert installation
  • Irrigation reservoirs
  • Reed-bed and wetland creation
  • Construction of boardwalks, jetties and moorings
  • Piling and bank retention works
  • Drain jetting and clearance
  • Water control structures
  • Bulk earthworks and excavation
  • Slubbing and Cott raking
  • Weed cutting
  • Water-related civil engineering
  • Dredging
  • Environmental schemes


Environmental Consultancy Services

The Fen Ditching Company also includes a separate division known as FDC Consultants. This arm of the business provides standalone consultancy services, which are offered to a wide range of clients throughout the fens and far beyond. FDC Consultants offers professional help and advice for all water and land-based projects, enabling potential customers to determine whether a project should be undertaken or not.

Services include:

  • Initial surveys to determine volume of silt to be removed during dredging projects.
  • Sediment analysis using specialist soil scientists to determine if silt is suitable for the improvement of agricultural land.
  • Application for Waste Exemption Certificates, including liaison with Environment Agency to demonstrate that silt will have a positive environmental impact.
  • Services searches with local gas and electricity companies to ensure that no submerged pipelines will be affected.
  • Ecology surveys to identify any protected species such as newts or water voles, which may affect the overall project.
  • Preparation of land agreements prior to the relocation of sediment after dredging activity
  • Pre-start photographic records.

Design and build projects

  • Planning applications for reservoirs, including permission from the Environment Agency.
  • Engineering calculations and drawings for reservoir construction.
  • Construction of lakes and irrigation reservoirs.
  • Pond design and liner fitting.
  • Design and project delivery of environmental schemes.
  • Construction of landing stages and boat moorings on rivers, lakes and reservoirs.
  • Design, supply and construction of bridges and walkways.

Grant applications made on behalf of the land owner

  • Countryside Stewardship ELS and HLS
  • EU-funded grants
  • DEFRA grants