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Company Profile

We have offices in Oxford, Doncaster and Glasgow and our head office in Cambridge. All offices have very pleasant, informal working atmosphere that encourages creative thinking and exchange of ideas. 

We particularly enjoy, and seek out, commissions with clients and other professionals who desire high quality in the projects they procure. In our view, quality entails elegance in design; responsiveness and reliability. As part of our internal quality regime, we seek client feedback on the work we have done via key performance indicators (KPI's).

As engineers, we like to solve problems and we are continually trying to find ingenious, sustainable solutions to the questions facing us day to day. We enjoy the process of creative collaboration.

Civil engineers have the potential to create significant impacts on the environment, both good and bad. As professionals, we recognise we have a unique responsibility for environmental design and sustainability and we continually seek to learn, and put into effect, best practice in this field.

Products and Services

We provide a diverse range of civil engineering services and have teams of engineers that specialise in particular sectors. These include highways, traffic and transportationflood risk assessmentriver modelling and land drainagedevelopment infrastructure and residential schemes.

Our chartered civil engineers and experienced technicians work hand-in-hand with developers and other stakeholders to satisfy ever-more onerous planning restrictions and achieve safe and sustainable solutions.

At the early stages of a project we can help by providing strategic guidance and pre-planning solutions. Where planning or litigation difficulties occur, we provide expert witness services on traffic and drainage matters. Our local knowledge and experience can be beneficial in helping to arrive quickly at an acceptable and sustainable solution. 

Typical services:
Drainage design
External Works
Enabling Works
Roads & Bridges
Flood Risk Assessments 
River Modelling 
Residential developments
Transportation Assessments

The complete package of
Feasibility, Design, Procurement,
    & Contract Administration


Rivers and Land Drainage

Our team of river engineers and hydrologists provide specialist support in the fields of river engineering, land drainage & flood mitigation.

We offer a range of services from feasibility studies and advice to advanced hydrodynamic river modelling and fully engineered flood mitigation schemes. 

We take pride in our track record of providing effective and appropriate solutions, working with drainage authorities, planners, and developers to facilitate all scales of development. 

Specialist Services:

bullet pointFlood Analysis
bullet pointFlood Risk Assessments
bullet pointLand Drainage
bullet pointHydraulic Modelling 
bullet pointRainfall & Runoff Estimation
bullet pointFlood Plain Mapping
bullet pointHydraulic Catchment Study
bullet pointStrategic Catchment Reviews
bullet pointFunding Appraisals
bullet pointInland Drainage Solutions
bullet pointPumping Stations 


Flood Analysis

Our team of river engineers and hydrologists undertake analysis of the fluvial regime in the UK's watercourses and rivers.

Our modellers can provide steady-state (backwater analysis) or hydrodynamic (flood routing) mathematical modelling using ISIS™ or
Hec-Ras™ software, or support for physical modelling. These simulations help our clients to estimate flood risk, and develop mitigation measures, including: 

bullet pointflood plain storage
bullet pointprotection barriers
bullet pointflow control structures
bullet pointflood relief channels 

We propose solutions that can encompass ecological enhancements, to encourage bio-diversity, and add amenity value to the river corridor.

Specialist Flood Analysis

bullet pointRainfall & run-off estimation 
bullet pointFlood estimation 
bullet pointFlood plain mapping
bullet pointHydraulic catchment studies 
bullet pointHydraulic modelling

Flood Risk Assessments

PPG25 [Planning Policy Guidance Note 25, Development & Flood Risk], requires developers and planners to consider issues of flood risk and protection and the impact of development on the river catchment and fluvial flood plains.

Flooding incidents over the past five years have intensified the industry’s and public’s perception of increasing flood risk. The concerns of the insurance industry, and the predicted climatic change, will further drive the need for a sustainable approach to development and flood protection. 

We are experienced in preparing Flood Risk Assessments.
Our expertise includes assisting planners, drainage authorities and developers with strategic and sustainable solutions to flood mitigation and surface water control.

Sustainable Drainage Solutions

Where appropriate our drainage designs adopt a catchment wide approach, identifying strategic solutions and sustainable control or disposal of surface water. We are also successful in finding cost effective, local solutions for individual development sites. We offer innovative solutions, especially in:

bullet pointon-line river corridor attenuation and bank protection
bullet pointoff-line flood reservoirs and flood meadows
bullet pointswales and infiltration techniques
bullet pointunderground storage schemes 

We take a professional approach to our designs, for which safety and environmental sustainability are fundamental components.

Supporting Drainage Authorities

We provide support, advice, and engineering services to Internal Drainage Boards, local drainage authorities and riparian owners, helping them to fulfil their land drainage and river related responsibilities and aspirations. We have specialists who can assist with:

bullet pointDEFRA funding assessments and submissions
bullet pointStrategic catchment reviews and planning
bullet pointPumping station schemes
bullet pointCapital works planning
bullet pointWater level management plans
bullet pointPlanning consultations
bullet pointExpert witness services 

Our knowledge and long term commitment to projects prove particularly valuable to our clients.