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Sustainable solutions to soil & riverbank erosion, river restoration & flood management

Salix provide sustainable, ecologically sound answers to the challenges found in soil and riverbank erosion, inland dredging, water based civil engineering, wetlands and habitat creation projects across the UK.

Utilising innovative bioengineering solutions, allied with our capabilities in more traditional civil engineering techniques, we aim to build with nature in delivering cost effective, environmentally sensitive solutions on either, a design supply and build or supply only basis with project values from £1000 to over £2m.

At Salix we own and operate our own nurseries, growing the largest selection of native wetland plants in the country, and are the sole manufacturer of coir rolls and pre- established coir erosion control systems in the UK. We are able to provide just a few hundred wildflower plants right through to supplying over 20 kilometres of our coir based erosion control and habitat creation systems for a single landmark project.

Either operating as a main contractor or a specialist sub-contractor, we are able to field our own plant and experienced installation teams, supported by strong in-house technical support.

Our ability to combine pioneering bioengineering techniques with a sensitive approach to dredging, sheet piling and earthworks in wet or soft ground conditions, often working from floating platforms, enables us to deliver sustainable, practical solutions that compliment the natural environment and add to biodiversity and improve water quality.

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Salix are the industry leaders, producing more coir based revetment systems than anyone else in the UK.

Coir Rolls

Coir Rolls

Coir rolls are an organic living revetment that provide erosion control and rapid vegetation establishment. Salix have developed a range of specific species…

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Coir Pallets

We plant our pallets at a high density and grow on at the nursery

Salix produce a wide range of pre-established coir pallets planted with high quality native plant species. Coir pallets are composed from coir fibre which is…

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Native Wetland Plants

We are the largest grower of native wetland plants in the UK

Salix grow a diverse range of native wetland and wildflower plant species from nurseries in South Wales and Norfolk. We are the largest grower of native wetl…

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Bionet C125BN

Tensar Bionet C125BN 100% Biodegradable blanket

Tensar Bionet biodegradable erosion control blankets are designed to provide immediate erosion protection and vegetation establishment assistance, then degra…

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Eronet C125

Installing Eronet erosion control blanket

Tensar Eronet C125 Photodegradable Double Net Coconut Erosion Control Blanket (ECB) is constructed of 100% coconut fibre stitched with UV stabilized polyprop…

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HydraCX high performance spray on erosion control

HydraCX is a hydraulically applied erosion control product that protects slopes against soil and seed loss from heavy rain and wind from day one of applicati…

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VMax³ C350

Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat

Vmax³ C350 Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat is high-strength, three-dimensional matting structure, incorporated with a 100% coconut-fiber matrix that supplem…

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VMax³ P550

These unique systems enable vegetation to be used in areas where forces exerted by water exceed the shear limits of unreinforced vegetation

Tensar VMax³ P550 is composed of a permanent, ultra-high-strength, three-dimensional matting structure incorporated with a permanent 100% polypropylene fibre…

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VMax³ Shear Stress Turf

Salix have the facilities to contract grow turf using the VMax3 range of  Turf Reinforcement Mats

Salix have the facilities to contract grow turf using the Tensar VMax range of Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM’s). VMax C350 or P550 is used as the reinforcemen…

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Rock Rolls

Rock rolls provide an instant flexible solution to many scour problems

Rock Rolls are a robust and permanent revetment for use around reservoirs, shorelines, lake edges, streams and river banks. They are cost-effective revetment…

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Rock Mattresses

Rock roll mattress

Rock Mattresses are a robust and permanent revetment for use around reservoirs, shorelines, lake edges, streams and river banks. They are cost-effective reve…

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Tensar Triton

Tensar® Triton® Coastal and Waterway systems are a durable, non-corrosive solution for many coastal and inland waterway erosion issues such as bridge and sho…

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CocoNet Erosion Control Net

CocoNet 800

CocoNet is a strong hand woven biodegradable net made to our unique specification under licence in Sri Lanka. The hand woven net increases surface cover and…

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Brushwood faggot/fascine

Brushwood Faggots

Salix produce a range of brushwood faggots (fascines) for use in rivers, canals and lakes. We use brushwood from sustainable sources and can supply various t…

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Live Willow Revetments

Live Willow Revetments

Living willow has been used as a method of controlling riverbank erosion for centuries. Salix employ traditional techniques and more modern approaches based…

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Floating Islands


Floating Islands provide valuable ecological habitat, fish refuge cover and water purification within open water environments. Salix supply and install float…

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